Make calls from your mobile

Call local or international numbers, landline or mobile, for unbeatable rates! Here's how.

  1. 1 Log into on your mobile phone*
  2. 2 Enter you phone's number, the number you're calling** and click Call
  3. 3 Your phone will ring first - answer it
  4. 4 The phone you are calling will ring. When they pick up, you're connected!
You will need to create an account the first time you visit. It's free and all you need is a mobile phone or this website.
Before you can make a call, you will need to buy credit

How to send texts from your mobile

Sample mobile-mobile call rates

Country€ / min
United States to China0.03
United Kingdom to United States0.17
United States to Japan0.03
United Kingdom to Germany0.17
United States to Australia0.03

Sample mobile-landline call rates:

Country€ / min
United States mobile to China landline0.03
United Kingdom mobile to United States landline0.17
United States mobile to Japan landline0.03
United Kingdom mobile to Germany landline0.17
United States mobile to Australia landline0.03