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  • Background is a global Specialized Mobile Provider, which provides mobile calling and texting services worldwide at very large discounts on standard mobile calling and texting costs - connecting the world in a new and innovative way.

    It has the largest geographic coverage of any single mobile provider in the world, and it provides a service which is's product is not VoIP-over-mobile, so using it does not incur expensive "data-transfer costs" for users - who can use it from their own phones with their own phone numbers, to call or text other phones.

    The product provides a global solution to all people - for private or corporate/business purposes, and those using contract or pay-as-you-go mobile service contracts, of all ages - who want to make the same number of calls and texts, but cut their calling and texting costs by up to 80% or more. Limited is a company that makes full use of 21st Century technology and business strategies, while at the same time basing its core business model on well-established traditional business principles. The result is a company that is able to implement innovative and unconventional strategies that give it a competitive edge in its sector, while it still remaining a solid, robust and "traditional" company in terms of its core business principles and management.

    The company's corporate philosophy is that of "Personal Excellence", where all persons are provided with the opportunity to succeed and be, or achieve, all that they can - regardless of background, age or qualifications. The only requirement is that they utilise the opportunities granted to them to the fullest, and carry out their responsibilities to the highest possible standard, through self-motivation, self-discipline and the will to succeed.

    Located in St Peter Port, Guernsey; the company has personnel in numerous countries internationally, and - through the geographic footprint of its product - has operations in every country in the world.'s premises in St Peter Port, Guernsey's premises in St Peter Port, Guernsey

  • Management

    The company's Executive Management Team has a high level of experience and competence in multi-disciplinary international and multinational business projects, and is able to utilise this experience to implement the company's multinational operational strategies. The Executive Management Team comprises the following persons

    Stuart Sterzel Chairman and CEO
    Stuart Sterzel
    Chairman and CEO
    Stuart has been responsible for the establishment or management of companies and business projects in over 50 countries. His business and entrepreneurial activities have been multi-sectoral, and have included strategic advisory services to multinational companies and governments. He has specialised in establishing companies that adopt new approaches towards existing business disciplines, or forming companies which pioneer new business disciplines or products within established sectors. Other than his professional activities, he authors articles on international geopolitical and strategic affairs.

    Steve Vaughan Director
    Steve Vaughan
    Steve has been a practicing Canadian corporate and commercial lawyer for more than 40 years. Other than his commercial and legal activities, he advises various goverments internationally on financial markets' strategies and related securities and regulatory matters. Steve has participated in commercial and legal transactions in over 60 countries. He is highly rated in The International Who's Who of Business Lawyers, the Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada, the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory and Legal Media Group/Euromoney Institutional Investor.

    Jonathan Hart Executive Management Advisor
    Jonathan Hart
    Advisor to the Board
    Jonathan is a former equity partner with a London law firm, and is a seasoned commercial lawyer. Since leaving private legal practise, he has served as General Counsel to a number of multinational companies, including a mobile telephony operator, where he was instrumental in acquiring telephony licenses in emerging markets. He is also experienced in fiduciary services management, and has project managed complex commercial transactions in numerous countries worldwide.

    Oleg Davydov Director (Deceased)
    Oleg Davydov
    Director (Deceased)
    Oleg D. Davydov was a former Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Foreign Economic Relations of the Russian Federation. He led Russian delegations in negotiations with the Paris and London Clubs and on Russian accession to the World Trade Organisation. He authored over 100 geopolitical, commercial and financial articles and two books dealing with the Liberalisation of Foreign Trade and related Russian international economic policies. Sadly Oleg D. Davydov passed away prior to the commercial launch of the company.

    Other than the Executive Management Team, the company has an extensive Senior Management Team and Line Management Team and a number of industry-specific management advisors. These management colleagues are highly qualified and experienced in a wide range of relevant sectors, including mobile telecommunications, IT, media, marketing and finance – providing the company with a high level of in-house competence, experience and capabilities in all sectors relevant to the delivery and operation of its product and service internationally.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Limited believes that real corporate social responsibility should be integrated into all actions that it undertakes, and not assigned to a separate division or policy within the company.

    Indeed, the company's view is that if excess funds exist in a company for the formation of such a stand-alone division or policy, then that company's social responsibility has already failed, because this money should have rather been passed back to customers in price-cuts instead of being raked in by the company through excessive charges.

    In order to keep to these principles, has kept its charges to customers as low as possible, to provide affordable local and international communication between people. Our view is that affordable telecommunication between people is not only a right, but also a cornerstone of interaction between people, which in turn increases the likelihood of peaceful cooperation and understanding, and lessens the likelihood of misunderstandings and conflict. has also integrated these principles into its marketing activities, by engaging in marketing initiatives which either involve the global community in the marketing activity in a manner that will provide benefit to participants; or presenting a marketing activity with an inspirational aspect to it, to be a source of inspiration to all those exposed to it.

  • Company Details Limited
    Guernsey company number 50775

    Granary House, The Grange
    Grange Road
    St Peter Port
    Guernsey GY1 2QG
    Channel Islands

    Tel: +44 1481 725 780
    Fax: +44 8701 350 709